An Owner’s Review about the Costway Goplus Superfit 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill


Like many of us in the coronavirus era, I found myself on Amazon sifting through the vast options of home exercise equipment. By the end of my search, I settled on the Superfit also known on Amazon as—it’s a doozy—Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25 HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Installation-Free with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, APP Control and LED Display, Walking Jogging for Home Office. Then, after watching a bunch of review videos, I learned I should also order a mat because my treadmill was going to be placed on a tile floor. I ended up going with the one Amazon calls BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat. Not much to report about the mat; it worked exactly as intended. 

Regarding the delivery, I had never ordered a treadmill or anything remotely that size from any online retailer. So, firstly, the delivery part was as easy as getting anything else delivered. The box wasn’t extraordinarily large, but it also wasn’t small. It had to be around 75 pounds, and I carried it up my stairs. The lug wasn’t mega strenuous, but it wasn’t effortless either. 

The Good

After the lug was over, it surprised me how easy it was to install. You basically just get the treadmill out of the box and begin a simple assembly process. Once it’s all together, it’s ready to use. I just jumped on and started walking.

The size of the treadmill is perfect for sliding under your desk, making it a cinch to walk while working. But if you’d rather not use it that way, you can unfold it and use it like a regular old treadmill. Mainly because when it’s folded, it’s in walking mode, and the fastest you can go is 1 to 4 km per hour. However, when fully unfolded, you’ll be in running mode and this mode lets you go 1 to 12 km per hour. In running mode, you’ll have a crossbar to hold on to and the option to add handles. I didn’t add the handles for the reason that I wanted to be able to fold the treadmill whenever I wanted. Otherwise, you have to uninstall them every time to fold it all the way.

The greatest part about this foldable treadmill is that it can be used for walking, jogging, or running. It all depends on what your personal goals are and that’s the best part. The Costway Goplus Superfit really is for anyone at every fitness level.

The Nitpick

When you first look at the treadmill’s box, it may surprise you because it won’t say Superfit anywhere. The box won’t even say it’s a Goplus product either, instead the box says the contents came from Costway. Consequently, this made me google “what is going on with Costway and Goplus.” Turns out, if Costway and Goplus were in a relationship on Facebook, they’d say, “It’s complicated,” for their status. According to Anatoliy Sheridan’s article “Who makes Costway appliances…,” the parent company is, Inc., and Costway is a trademark of, Inc. And if that isn’t strange enough, Goplus and Superfit are two of many brands owned by, Inc. Then again, it gets more interesting because, Inc. doesn’t actually make any of the products they sell. Instead, they use around 5,000 suppliers of goods, mainly being supplied by a bunch of Chinese companies. No wonder why the treadmill’s name on Amazon is so crazy. I’m calling mine the Costway Goplus Superfit 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill, or Superfit, for short. 

The hardest part of assembly was reading the user’s manual because it seems like it’s translated from Chinese, but without a human checking for clarity. No disrespect to the human or A. I. translator, but the odd sentences start on page 3’s “Safety precautions Warning instructions” section; for example, verbatim, it says, “The treadmill is suitable to be placed indoors, to avoid moisture,splash water on the treadmill and place any foreign matter.” Since the manual’s odd English appears on almost every page, you’re left searching Google and watching YouTube for some kind of guidance or double-check. Luckily, the diagram was easy to follow, so the setup wasn’t difficult at all.

The other thing you’ll notice right away is the phone holder. If this is a major reason why you want to buy a Superfit, you may be upset when you see the size of the phone holder since it’s undersized; I think, maybe, an old-school phone from the 2000s might fit. If you have an iPhone 8, 12 Pro, or a phone of similar size, they definitely won’t fit. Possibly, if the holder didn’t have a clip at the top, you could rest your phone on it. My guess is they designed the phone holder when cellular phones were smaller or as a place to keep the remote control because it’s perfect for that.

Superfit’s phone holder and remote control
Superfit’s phone holder and remote control

Speaking of the remote control, you’ll want to take extra care of it since the machine doesn’t work without one. And from what I’ve read, it’s a pain to get a replacement.

Another thing to point out about Costway’s Goplus Superfit 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill is the funky burning smell. It happened when I started using the treadmill, but it left, and I concluded it must be the machine getting broken in. Nevertheless, months later, the burning smell came back, and then the belt suddenly stopped while I was in mid-stride, and I almost fell. Fortunately, I grabbed onto the treadmill’s bar and saved myself. Next I checked the Superfit’s screen and saw E05 on the LED display. Afterward I looked at the manual and learned E05 is an error message for “overload protect.” The manual in its own weird way tells you that the maintenance method to solve the E05 error message is to “overload,replace controller” and, yes, that’s verbatim; I don’t really know what that means either. The constant odd English sentences in the manual make me think it must be written out perfectly in its original language. Anyway, puzzled and wanting to finish my walk, I didn’t figure out what the maintenance method meant and simply turned it off and on and then it worked; my guess is the treadmill was just protecting itself from overload. This happened about 6 months after using the treadmill, so it may have been my lack of maintenance that caused the error message; I knew I should have lubricated the belt a month earlier. But rather than beat myself up about it, I lubricated the belt the next day, and it worked perfectly. No smells. Quiet motor. It worked better than the first time I used it.

After dealing with the E05 error message, I thought lubricating the treadmill once a month would keep the message from returning. However, it started smelling weird again, and as I continued my walk, I stepped on the left side too hard, and the E05 error message was back; I barely caught myself this time. I was shocked because I had only used it 10 times since the last time I lubricated it. Now I’m convinced you must lube the belt every 2 weeks, or soon after you smell that odd burning odor. 

This experience with the odd odor inspired me to google about treadmill motors. Eventually, my search led me to an informative blog by Treadmill Reviews. Most importantly, I learned you must know what the Continuous Duty aka Continuous Horsepower is, but the Superfit only tells you Peak Horsepower, which is 2.25. Next, I checked all the retailers that sell the 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill to find the Continuous Horsepower; whether it was Costway, Walmart, Amazon, etcetera, all I could find was the 2.25 Peak Horsepower. In addition, according to Treadmill Reviews, Peak Horsepower is the weakest of all horsepower ratings because it’s an unsustainable horsepower; it only gets to the peak without a person on the treadmill. Ultimately, I had to conclude that the Continuous Horsepower must be lower than 2.25. 

Secondly, for walking on treadmills, the blog by Treadmills Reviews recommends a rating of at least 2 Continuous Horsepower, but if you’re over 200 pounds, then you need an additional 0.5. Therefore, this machine is underpowered for people who are over 200 pounds. Since the Superfit is underpowered, you have to lubricate the treadmill every 2 weeks to decrease your possibility of getting the E05 message. On the other hand, if you’re under 200 pounds, your best bet is to lubricate it every 3 or 4 weeks. Regardless of your weight, lubricate the treadmill soon after you get a whiff of that burning smell. Personally, I temporarily got around the smell during a walk without lubrication by shutting off the treadmill and letting it rest; basically, the time you would wait for a streetlight to change.

The next thing to nitpick is something Nicolette Roux wrote about in her excellent blog at She brought up a point that made my caution concerning the short and narrow track make sense. In her blog, she states that at 5’ 5” the track was perfect for her, but her 5’ 9” husband felt the track was too small for him. Therefore, this foldable treadmill may be too small for anyone much taller than 5’ 5”. To be honest, at 5’ 11”, I feel like my steps could easily get too wide or too long, so I wouldn’t do anything more than a light jog. Considering this information, I would say 5’ 7” might be the maximum height for someone to comfortably use this machine, maybe 5’ 8”. 

Superfit’s track
Superfit’s track

These last two nitpicks aren’t as important as the motor’s horsepower or the maximum height, but you should know that Costway’s app, Gymax, seems a bit unreliable. As of February 1, 2022, it has a 2.7 rating in Apple’s App Store, and I’ve read all the reviews. All I can conclude is that it seems to work sometimes. The screenshots of the app also look very basic. Yeah, I’ll stick to my Fitbit. Last but not least, don’t cut the complimentary lubricant bottle too low because the cap won’t go back on when you close it.

The Overall

Phew! The Nitpick section is over. Nonetheless, after reading numerous customer reviews, I consider myself lucky because my Superfit worked right out of the box, and is still working great. It’s a bit quirky, but that’s okay as long as it works. Although I’m unsure how many Superfits come without issues, it must be about 50/50 on Amazon. Then again, all online orders have a 50/50 chance to arrive perfect; I’ve received chipped cups, strangely cut shirts, all the way to things that never arrived. And to be honest, some of the nitpicks were my error because I had never owned a treadmill prior to owning Costway’s Goplus Superfit 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill. 

As for my usage, I have only used it for low-impact cardio, so I just walk on it. Although I haven’t used it for running, I wouldn’t do more than a light jog. I wouldn’t run on the machine because my chances of stepping wide on the track would increase. And since my goal was to have this machine as long as possible, I don’t want to run and increase my risk of stepping wide or hard. Regarding stepping hard, I’m scared to do this too much because whenever I do, the motor whines and the belt moves under my feet. On the contrary, from what I’ve read, people less than 200 pounds and under 5’ 9” will have a better experience because the treadmill’s motor and track works optimally in those cases. However, for me and my fitness needs, the treadmill works awesome. 

Overall, the Costway Goplus Superfit foldable treadmill is a fantastic machine for what it is. For someone over 200 pounds, you need to lubricate it every 2 weeks when it’s being used for 30 to 40 minute sessions; but if you’re over 200 pounds and you use it for 50 to 60 minute sessions, you’ll need to lubricate it every week, or every 5 uses, whichever comes first. Honestly, it works perfectly for walking, so I’d buy this treadmill again if I had to do it all over. 

It’s also an excellent backup for people who prefer to walk outside because it’s a wonderful option for bad weather days. Another great thing about this treadmill, according to the Customer Q&A’s on Amazon, it’s a brilliant choice for your dog. 

Thank you for reading my blog about the Superfit. I am not affiliated with the sellers, but here’s the treadmill’s link.

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