Welcome to Fried Potato Press! We are an independent publishing company in Canoga Park, California, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. At this time, we are preparing to release our first novel, Petaco Dreams, by E. R. Sanchez.

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A novel about boys coming of age in Mexico, Petaco Dreams tells the story of Heriberto, an audacious teenager longing to escape the antiquated culture of El Petaco to live a life of luxury in America.

Under the cover of night, Heriberto escapes the family ranch accompanied by his cousin Martín. The two teenagers travel from Mexico to the US, where they plan on embracing a life of 1980s excess. But taking a road trip in Mexico is no small feat, and the duo soon finds themselves evading drug traffickers, traversing the perilous slopes of the Michoacán mountains, and navigating their way through Mexico’s class prejudices, violence, and exploitation.

A gritty thriller and a meditation on family and culture, Petaco Dreams is more than a tale of boys coming of age in the 1980s. It’s a story of family and the camaraderie forged during two boys’ adventures through Mexico.

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